Are you an introvert?

– Social situations can exhaust you (even if you’ve had fun).
– You soak up a lot of information, which can be draining.
– To re-energise, you want to be alone.

Sometimes it feels like your introversion holds you back. You see colleagues who are outspoken, charismatic, and social butterflies climb the corporate ladder effortlessly. For you, it feels like wading through mud.

This is where I come in.

I help you learn the skills to thrive in a noisy world. Skills like speaking up in meetings, making conversation, and saying “no” without feeling bad. My services are designed to help you supercharge your people skills, without changing who you are.

Oh, and here’s the more standard “About Me”:

First employee at an e-commerce start-up, I helped scale it from $0 – $2million+.

I networked my way into a role organising a TEDx event (during the COVID-19 pandemic).

Passionate advocate for giving back, I volunteer with food charities helping to provide meals for those in need.

My goal here is for you to realise your introversion can help you thrive in life.

Kolbe: 6-7-5-3

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