Is this you?

“I always thought it was something I needed to “fix” about myself.”

“There’s some feeling of being not complete or not being part of society.”

“I think I have gone through years of life vaguely wondering “what is wrong with me”.”


If you’ve thought or said any of the above, welcome.

You are not alone.

Hi, I’m Daisy.

Pretty much my whole life, I’ve been told by everyone that I’m shy, that I spend too much time in my head, that I’m too quiet.

I proved them all right in my late teens when I sunk into a dark pit of introspective despair that took me years to climb out of.

I used to wake up in the morning and immediately wish it was bedtime again. Getting out of bed and facing anything — anyone — felt too much.

Being alive was draining.


Being in a world that just did not stop talking was draining. Loud voices. Phone calls. Endless conversations.

I used to get exhausted doing the “normal” social things that everyone else seemed to do effortlessly.

Even when nothing was wrong, when things were going well, I had this deep sense of disconnect. It lurked beneath moments of joy, threatening to erupt.

Sometimes I was able to push it away and pretend everything was fine. Other times it took everything in me not to break down and just crawl into a hole.

But now things are different.

I work with introverted beings, like you, to supercharge your people skills without changing who you are.

In a nutshell, I teach you how to build confidence and connection using your quiet strengths.


I’ve been featured in:

And my methods are different from most. 

Let’s get this straight.

No, you do not need to pretend to be someone you’re not.

No, you do not need to disconnect from everyday life in order to get through the day.

To believe there is something fundamentally wrong with you comes from a place of lack.

To say that you need to change your core being affirms the false belief you need to act in certain ways to succeed.

And that, my dear friend, is the FURTHEST thing from the truth.

We may be quiet but we are strong in our actions.

We may spend a lot of time in our inner world, but we are powerful in our thoughts.

The only reason you feel broken, weak, or flawed is because you have not yet discovered your quiet superpower…


“Daisy has opened up a new way for me to manage and effectively speak with others. The session was delivered in a clear and easy way to understand, allowing me to apply it into my life with ease.”
Rose S
“Daisy knows exactly what she's talking about on how to gracefully manoeuvre social situations… She understood me very clearly and gave concrete steps on how to improve. She knew exactly what she was talking about, and I left with a better idea on how to start and end conversations gracefully. I'd definitely recommend her”
Ravi N
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