Become more socially confident.

I teach people skills designed for introverts so you can feel more confident in social and professional situations.

If you’re ready to improve your people skills (but just need a little guidance), schedule a 1:1 call with me.
Sessions start at $79 for 50 minutes.

Are you like my private clients?

My private coaching clients are professionals who want to thrive in all areas of life.

They know they’re an introvert and are afraid it’s held them back in life.

They get overwhelmed when they try to “put themselves out there”.

However, they have big ambitions for life.

A place to call home. A career they thrive in. A strong group of friends.

​They know the next step in both their personal and professional lives is to work on their people skills so they can 10x their results.

To become more confident, be assertive, and set boundaries.

To go from overthinking social events and interactions, to being able to walk into any room and feel great about being there.

My clients aren’t afraid of being intentional about how they approach socialising. They are willing to test new strategies, and share the results with me.

“As a fellow introvert who’s trying to open up and communicate more, all the tips that you share help me open up to people and have better, healthier conversations.”

Anna, Germany

“I appreciate the advice that you give from your introverted perspective. I must give credit when credit is due, before I found your profile I suffered to connect with people but you helped me gain a different perspective on that.”

Mohamed, USA

Popular Coaching Topics

Effortless Conversations

From handling small talk to voicing your thoughts and opinions without being ignored. No more awkward moments!

Confidence on Demand

Having a foundation of confidence is crucial. For a lot of my clients, this means knowing how to set boundaries and be assertive, and working on limiting beliefs that are stopping them from fulfilling their potential.

Deep and Meaningful Connections

As introverts, we thrive on these connections. We’re selective with our friends and network. Having the skills to build a large support network can supercharge opportunities in your life.